SPIN – Turn One Idea into Hundreds of Information Products

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In this special e-book, Gihan Perera talks about creating products – taking a single idea and creating dozens of new products from it…
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Gihan Perera

In a nutshell: I'm an Internet coach for speakers, trainers, thought leaders and business professionals. Since 1997, I've worked with some of Australia's leading thought leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs, helping them leverage their expertise, individually and in groups, on and off the Internet. If you want to deliver your ideas, products and services to more people for more impact and more money, I can show you how. Over time, I've learned from the masters of persuasion and influence - including professional speakers, trainers, coaches, politicians, advertisers, marketers, magicians, hypnotists, con artists, salespeople, negotiators and business leaders. I'm an entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker, mentor and interviewer. I love writing, and I've published seven books, numerous e-books and a series of audio programs. My formal background is in science and technology, but I've always been interested in people and the way they communicate. I don't love technology for its own sake. But I do love it when we use technology to get a message across more effectively. In 1997, when the Web was young, spam was just a luncheon meat, and Google wasn't even a twinkle in its owners' eyes, I founded First Step Communications, one of Australia's earliest Web design businesses. Since that time, it's grown to include clients in every continent (except Antarctica). I still operate as CEO in that business, while also running my own consulting/speaking business. I've got a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Australia and an NLP practitioner certification from the Neuro-Linguistic Training Center of San Diego. I live in the world's most livable city - Perth, Australia - and enjoy an enviable lifestyle, with my own home, my own business and my own teeth.

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