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Many prophesies in the indigenous world speak of this time in human history as a period of great transformation. In the medicine tradition of the Inca, legend tells of a great angel who looked into the future and saw that humanity would face an enormous task at the beginning of the 21st century. Extenuating circumstances in an extremely difficult and challenging time would require extraordinary effort to bring about peace and heal the heart of the world. “Who would like to volunteer?” the angel asked. Knowing we could make a difference, we jumped up and said, “Me!”

The legend reminds brings to mind a scene in The Lord of the Rings when the dwarf says, “No chance of success, certain death ahead? What are we waiting for!” Of course, our odds are better than those faced by the dwarf, but the problems humanity is facing are huge. It is no longer a matter of global warming or carbon emissions, but the possible collapse of the entire climate system – a catastrophe beyond imagination. At the human level, the distribution of water is a huge problem. Who owns the water? Can private interests own the water? And how do we distribute water to places that don’t have it? The problems we face are vast and overwhelming. But the problem the Earth is facing is simple: do away with the parasite affecting it. The Earth has an immune system that recognizes what is toxic and will do what is necessary to eliminate it…

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Alberto Villoldo

Alberto Villoldo PhD is a medical anthropologist who has spent the last 30 years investigating the healing practices of the shamans of the Amazon and the Andes. He is the founder and director of the Four Winds Society, and author of Shaman, Healer, Sage, Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval, The Four Insights and Yoga, Power and Spirit. His next book, Courageous Dreaming will be available in bookstores April 2008.

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