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Edition 213  |  26 April 2015
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In this edition of Actualise Daily we are stirring things up by asking provocative questions and challenging some of the many unquestioned norms of our time.
Millennial Writer and Speaker Kern Carter asks, "Is it time to restrict the freedom of expression?"
Storyteller Jason Headley answers the question as to why he and his wife have chosen, at the age of 34, to not have children.
From the edge of a crisis, Naturopath and Health Coach Sarah Nanclares shares her gratitude reflections.
Kaia Roman shares seven fun ways to teach your kids mindfulness, while Shawn Achor challenges us that it is not productivity that breeds happiness, but happiness that inspires productivity.
To your happiness!
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Restricting our Freedom of Expression?
Kern Carter
How Your Eyes Trick Your Mind
Is it time to restrict our freedom of speech?
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Me and You and No Baby Makes Two
Jason Headley
23 Best Productivity Hacks for 2015
Why are many couples opting to not have children?
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Mindfulness for Kids
Kaia Roman
Stoicism 101
7 fun ways to teach your kids mindfulness...
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Gratitude Lessons
Sarah Nanclares
Best Leaders
Equilibrio's Health Coach Sarah shares personal gratitude reflections from the edge of crisis.
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Rewiring the Brain for Happiness
Shawn Achor
Nothing Can Stop Her
We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards?
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