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Edition 231  |  3 January 2016
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Happy new year!
No matter your approach to a new year, this edition is packed with goodies to commence 2016 with heart and imagination.
From her Harvard commencement speech, "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling offers some powerful, heartening advice to dreamers and overachievers on failure and the importance of imagination.
I share my personal top ten habits for starting a new year. Megan McDonough invites each of you to move beyond goal setting to radically receptive resolutions.
The team from Fishwah give the whole family tools to start a new year. And if you like good ol' goal setting - we share with you 20 vision questions for 2016.
From each of us at Actualise Daily, we THANK YOU for your contributions, love, and engagement in 2015.
We wish 2016 be the best year of your life and a significant leap forward for humanity! What part will you play?
Michelle Duval
Curator & Publisher | Actualise Daily
10 Habits for Making 2016 the Best Year of Your Life
Michelle Duval
How Your Eyes Trick Your Mind
Michelle's top ten habits for starting a new year...
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JK Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech
JK Rowling
23 Best Productivity Hacks for 2015
For the dreamers and overachievers, the power of failure and the critical importance of imagination...
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Radically Receptive Resolutions
Megan McDonough
Stoicism 101
If you groan at the thought of new year resolutions, radically receptive resolutions are perhaps for you!
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Family new year Resolutions
Best Leaders
Ever thought to include you children in your aspirations for a new year? 8 steps for goal setting as a family.
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20 Questions for Planning New Years Goals
Tsh Oxenreider
Nothing Can Stop Her
Vision questions for planning what you want to write goals around for 2016...
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