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Edition 217  |  21 June 2015
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Strap yourself in, Brain Magician Keith Barry asks you "is it really possible to see through somebody else's eyes?" Warning - this is jaw dropping.
Stamford Researcher Kelly McGonigal challenges us to explore our beliefs about stress and their serious implications. It is not what you think!
From a love of modelling success, we mine insights from 10 of the world's fastest growing startups including; Airbnb, Uber, LinkedIn, and Evernote.
With grace and beauty, film makers Gnarly Bay and Shots of Awe remind us of what is most important, including agitating the sleep of mankind.
Happy Sunday!
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What Do You Believe About Stress
Kelly McGonigal
How Your Eyes Trick Your Mind
Forget what you have heard about stress, as it turns out it is actually good for you!
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Brain Magic
Keith Barry
23 Best Productivity Hacks for 2015
Is is really possible to see through somebody else's eyes? Fascinating and draw dropping feats of brain magic...
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Insights from the World's Fastest Growing Startups
Morgan Brown
Stoicism 101
11 key insights from deep diving into the growth strategies of the world's fastest growing startups such as AirbnB, Uber, Snapchat, Yelp, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Evernote and more.
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The Important Places
Gnarly Bay
Best Leaders
Award winning, heart and soul stirring, short film on the important places and the journey of life...
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Agitating the Sleep of Mankind
Shots of Awe
Nothing Can Stop Her
If media is a drug, what is impact is the content of your media?
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