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The New Human radio podcast is an inspiring and provocative listener/call in dedicated to the quantum changes and new world unfolding for life in the 21st Century and beyond. DeAnne Hampton is an International Teacher, Visionary, Vibrational Healer and Author who inspires the heart of humanity through the awakening of our innate innocence and joy toward co-creating a world of unity and peace. This is no longer a dream that lies outside of our reach, but a necessity that is being activated from within by a global and cosmic evolutionary process.

This episode – Field of Dream

After Show Notes

I went to be with the Mother, as I always do, shortly after the show today. Life and people, existence, and the many shades of our becoming throughout humanity’s history, all swirled within the interior of my own awakening wisdom. And as I climbed an ancient mountain, filling my breath with the warm envelope of nature’s regard for this species, my liberated mind went into stillness, and the deep well of this magnificent story unfolding with the return of the homoluminous. Imagine for a moment, being suspended in the brilliance of stars, free of atmosphere… no interference from the world of form and thought and fear – imagine how brightly and beautiful those stars would be shining. Talk about clarity! That is the love and freedom and peace I feel in the woods, in nature’s embrace and mystery. And it was in those moments of lucid receivership, that the Earth began talking to me of the Field of Dreams.There is a field of knowledge, of wisdom and memory and patterns that unites everything in a quantum web of One Organism, One Life. These morphogenetic fields carry timeless information and serve as non-physical blueprints, created by patterns of physical forms throughout time and space. And what I have learned and been shown and guided by within these pristine woods of my classroom of the last eight years or so, is that by tuning into and opening the heart and mind to morphic resonance, one can collapse the veils of illusion that keep this humanity ignorant of its greater history. This field is vast and encompassing. It contains an intelligence that mirrors its vastness. This field of dreams is one of the many gifts of Creation and carries the opportunity of our knowing ourselves beyond this reality…. of dreaming the greater dream of humanity awake, by uniting the seeds and artistry of ancient civilizations with future worlds.

When I reached the top of my mountain climb, I found a nice perch offered by a small cluster of rocks, and sat to gaze out over the valley below. Hundreds of trees provided shade as the sun speckled through the changing Fall leaves, and I just allowed my mind, my heart and consciousness to be informed by Spirit. I contemplated the movie Field of Dreams that is, of course, in the ready recall of social consciousness. This movie was about a common man who spent his life following the rules of society, yet internally searching for meaning… the thing that would give expression to his dreams. It was this internal search and the quiet desperation of a life that did not resonate with his heart that allowed him to connect with the voices of the mystery. And as I sat in that vast wonder of nature, in awe of this analogy the Guidance offered me on behalf of the energies within today’s show, I reflected on the prominent theme of the movie, “if you build it, they will come.”

Stillness is the wisdom of The New Earth. Joy and Light are the vibrations and power of the New Human. These magnificent scalar waves and higher harmonics of our planet’s move to a new galaxy are here to inform us through a new intelligence and creative potential. No longer creating from lack and fear and greed of the old masculine mentality, the new human is a new consciousness of understanding that the frequencies of God, of Love, of all existence, reside fully and only in the present moment. In each moment is where our individual and collective power lies. This now moment will ever lead us to the dream and transformation that we seek. The mind is so conditioned and the ego so rigid with unconscious drives that it wants to create by Will. But it is the heart’s intelligence, the heart’s wisdom and trust and intuitive faculty that will create the physical foundation for the 5D World of our collective destiny. When we master stillness, we master the power of the resonate field to draw to us all that is essential, opening humanity up to the higher dimensions and co-creative partnerships of love, peace, joy, harmony, freedom and abundance for all.

The Field of Dreams of this very pregnant and historical moment of time/space for humanity is the potential of a dramatic, collective shift for a spiritually awakened species. As we move out of thought, out of mind and need and into innocence and love, our level of receivership shifts exponentially to an evolution of understanding just how much we are loved. Loved for who and what we have been and for the dreams we carry of who and what we might become. Because the morphic field of unified consciousness connects us to one another across the globe and within all life form, the door is opened as well to the possibility of concurrent consciousness with the many civilizations of existences within the entirety of humankind. It is in being here now, embracing this time of spiritual opportunity with all of our hearts and being, that we position ourselves to step into agreed upon roles of synchronistic activation with ancient peoples and future Selves. The DNA spiral the Earth’s ascent and all Creation is pulsing cosmic memory through the radiant chambers of individual codexes within those re.membering their divine purpose and evolutionary promise.

It is increasingly evident that we are coming into some potentially grave scenarios of foundational restructuring for our planet. These potentials are no longer a distant possibility… they are unfolding before us with ominous fore-tellings for those with the courage and sight to behold evident truths. That we chose to experience this time in alignment with the Galactic Center and intensification of the First Source Beam, speaks powerfully to a renaissance of beings no longer content with operating at a diminished spiritual capacity. And so, with the collaboration and cooperative intelligence of many worlds and universes, this magical blue planet and all her sentient beings have the vibrational opportunity to move into higher levels of human functioning through an internally organizing operating system of genetic repatterning and cellular rejuvenation. The humans operating in these higher levels will unite together in the behaviors of love to activate the Etheric Heart center of Oneness.

Life as we’ve known and understood it to be no longer exists or is even possible for the species of planet Earth. There are so many beings in so many dimensions waiting for us to acknowledge them and join forces toward a new point of harmonization within the Crystalline Grid of Gaia’s heart. Daily as I commune with the Shining Ones and the greater Family of Light within her luminous fields, fractal patterns and rainbow colors speak to me of Collective Intelligence, and the true nature of reality. Could it be that we are linked in consciousness to all Creation, and that the bridge of Unity that has for so long eluded us as a species, can be found in the Earth’s many chambers of crystalline memory?

The mind and heart of the new human are ever in state of openhearted wisdom, trusting existence, following Spirit, communing intelligently with the Earth, and mirroring the innocence of joyful wonder at the secrets of her Eternal rhythm. The only way that humanity will evolve into its rightful position in the Omniverse is to dislodge itself from the historic mind and inertia of habit by moving into the transparency of a new consciousness. This is the path of innocence regained as we expand into the specialness of a humanity intentfully recalibrating the harmonic field of a Collective dream.

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