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The New HumanOne of the many gifts of The New Human radio broadcast is the Unity gathering there. It is such a beautiful example of how simple and effortless life can be when we allow love to create the experience. The family of Light within The New Human audience is an eclectic gathering of political, Christian, metaphysical and scientifically persuaded beings of differing age, race, sex and sexual preferences. And it fills my heart. Through the influence and energy of Ultimate Consciousness, I am observing a small world forming, a microcosm of the greater world manifesting by the power and intelligence of Love. It is the new human being birthed, subtly yet ever so purposefully and with center, from the Unity of Cosmic Mind. And it is all so perfect.

The Light is calling us into a resonate field that expands us beyond seeming separation and differences, to an understanding and life chosen from the openness of scared space, the emptiness and totality of the mystery that is the Light. The void of the unknown beckons us to our joy, to beauty, to passion and our authentic nature. We have a great responsibility to be ourselves. We must learn the language of Light and do the work of extracting ourselves from all previous scripts. Everything is brand new, I feel this everyday, and the new is being empowered by energies that are activating change in the way we connect with each other and life; the way we are supported within a continuous opening of the higher mind to all of Creation.

Each show, by necessity, becomes a deepening into the understanding and inevitability of the homo-luminous, our ability and capacity to transcend the perimeters set in place by an extremely polarized existence. We are here to define ourselves spiritually, within a duality that constantly reinforces our humanness. We so long for a sense of belonging and unity, but we have come at that emptiness and void from a consciousness of separation. As we become more and more a part of the Greater Consciousness that is as committed to the process of integration as we are in our interior, we are lifted into new levels of awareness, stepping into a synchronistic flow of life. From that perspective we can begin to lovingly detach from the mind, allowing all the meaningful, interconnected Guidance of Higher Mind to wholly shift the perimeters of what we have come to trust as true.

The energy within the meditation for yesterday’s show provided a powerful unification and alignment with the I AM dimension; Oneness. But, it also illumined the hyperdimensional stargate of the pineal gland, drawing more awareness to our ability to access many worlds and realities through an alignment of our breath with the Central Column of Light. In receiving this meditation, I kept seeing spirals and orbs and concentric rings of light, all interacting in this fluid wave of cooperative intelligence. As I went deeper into the stillness and nothingness of my Ajna, I had a panoramic view of the Cosmos… impressing upon me the extreme capability of this vast portal to transmit and receive lightwaves from the center of the galaxy. All within the computer that is our brain.

It mystifies me ongoing that a human can have such experiences, and I know I am not the only one, and yet, still cling so much to the things that have brought us pain, that have divided us and engendered greed and deception and an obsessive addiction to materialism. And what is emphasized here is that we have a choice of what kind of human we want to be, in each moment. The energies of celestial beings and heavenly bodies are within the cells of our bodies, within the intelligence of our hearts. We have the opportunity now to fully awaken to that and embrace ALL life… by willingly relinquishing the structures of indoctrinated belief, unconscious habit and fear based thought. Transformation means leaving the old behind. By learning to work with the new energies being offered to us, integrating and assimilating their essence, we are empowered to a place of fierce non-attachment.

A prominent theme being extended through the teaching of The New Human and highlighted yesterday through story, metaphor and guided experience is the critical objective of changing our bodies; working with the Luminous Self, to accommodate the changes of the Earth. Her form is changing and ours must change, too. We are being shaken up and synchronized by our own process for the purpose of taking us to a new place; awakening to a world of many realities, which is not possible within the confines and determination to cling to what is falling away. We are just beginning to energetically grasp the depth and awareness available to us now, and the potential of this apex of transformation to catapult us to an utterly unfathomable existence. But we must first surrender the egoic mind and the many false identities that for so long have been the glue of conditioned culture. The ego cannot go with us in our return back home.

I can say to you empirically that it is possible to embody and become one with the Earth, to feel a love and responsibility for all of humanity as a Mother feels for her children, along with the knowingness of what is best for them. Her desire and the ascent of her energy is that of harmony and peace. And she is singing us home. There is an entirely new energy field enveloping the planet, a gossamer web of power and balance comprised of the feminine principle and Light. And powerful it is… a star tetrahedron of shimmering light frequencies that carry a vibrational hum. It is the heartbeat of the Goddess activating a new center of being capable of balancing the chaos and disharmony of our fearful ignorance. We must move in unison with her, willingly and cooperatively stepping up vibrationally into her merkabah of 5D Earth.

We are in preparation for a new vibration of Light in 2012. This now of our individual and global expansion is to prepare us energetically for what is to come. As vibrationally aware and empowered beings, we will no longer need the structures of support we have long depended on for false security. By attuning to nature and the Goddess, you hear a new language of Life; becoming invisible to all that is in shadow, and thus guided by a song, harmony and vibration that is in the rocks and trees and animals and stars; the Symphony of the Spheres; the frequency of Love.

The New Human is a consciousness of Mastery. It is a return to the innocence, wonder, intelligence and freedom of Love. To live life from a center of stillness, calm, no thought and non-attachment is to live free, with no boundaries. Then all of reality shifts. This is the path of becoming an authentic human, leading to the birth of the new human, the homo-luminous, in 2012. Who will you be in just two and half short years? Blessed and empowered are we to choose.

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