Goal Setting and Beyond

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One of the things that I have seen in my own development and the hundreds of people I have taught over the years is that the spiritual aspect of self whether you call that your soul, the divine, goodness needs developing. It is not a given in us all.

What is our soul?

“The soul, according to many religious and philosophical traditions, is a self-aware ethereal substance unique to a particular living being. In these traditions the soul is thought to incorporate the inner essence of each living being, and to be the true basis for sentience. It is believed in many cultures and religions that the soul is the unification of ones sense of identity. In distinction to spirit which may or may not be eternal, souls are usually considered to be immortal and to exist before their incarnation in flesh.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul

What I have come to realise as I thought I was developing my soul I may have just been developing my self-identity and personality? What I mean by this is even though I considered myself an ‘evolving’ person because I read spiritual books, was interested in the law of attraction, drank various herbal concoctions, went to an acupuncturist, ate foods that supported my energy system, practiced yoga, and meditated I have come to realise that I was NOT necessarily developing my soul.

I was ‘translating’ information and applying it to my life yet it was NOT the whole picture. I was using the information and way of living to create some change yet did it create transformation at a deeper level?

It helped me cope better in the world, possibly attract to me what I wanted and alleviate stress but was I truly committed to my evolution? I look back now and see I was edging my way towards that deep choice to evolve but for much of my life on this journey I dabbled, I was a seeker and sought comfort. I sought solutions externally knowing it could only be found internally but I still wanted it “out there” and I wanted to feel good.

Then the big bang happened and it became a given – I chose evolution and to participate in this leap we are taking and I fell into the depths of who I am. I deeply allowed myself to die to my unconscious ego and righteousness to birth through me what it is to know the one face of god.

Soul Development

“Gradually, I have come to understand and appreciate that the spiritual path is as much about the development of the soul as it is about the transcendence of the ego and conditioned mind. Indeed, these days I often wonder: Unless we have truly developed our own souls, are we ready or is it even appropriate for us to take that next step of transcending the mind? Unless we have developed our souls, will there be any solid ground from which to leap? Andrew Cohen

Goal Setting

Right now many more people are developing this call to evolve and this impacts then how we view goals and intentions. How we create our reality? How do I create what I want now? Is it reasonable to think I can? Am I simply a faith worker and am here to abandon what I want? This did not sound appealing to me and I doubt to most of us who wish to live fully in the world enjoying life and simultaneously evolving.

In the development of ourselves we move through levels and lines of development. This means we embrace concepts and teachings at the various points we reach. Goal setting and creating action is common and works for most people at a certain level of development. It also does not work anymore when you hit the place of the integration of goodness completely into your life. It then calls you to expand your thinking and embrace the integration of your unified self.

This is a big leap and for many we go through a process of rejecting intentions and goals to begin with. Writing action lists, creating vision boards, affirmations and the ways we have been taught to affirm positive thinking seem to NO longer apply.

Then what do we do?

What is actually possible here is a variety of mechanisms to co create a new creation model for your self.

  1. You may start with rejecting your divinity and soul connection to then know at a deeper level it is what is true. You will most likely resist it – this is a collective unconscious mechanism we have in place to keep the power and control dynamics of life working for us. This is being crushed right now hence many are feeling insecure and lost. This is the ‘righteous indignation’ we all share and it is like steel plank inside of you that resists change and evolution.
  2. As you work with your ego and collective ego patterns you will be confronted by the ways you live in separation and your narcissism. This will challenge how you think and behave and what maybe true for you.
  3. We embrace this and at same time you appreciate you’re an energetic being and are an attractor field of your vibration. That means positive and negative experiences. The darkness we reject maybe become amplified and evident. This is brilliant this is how we unify – as we see our darkness we embrace it. This fuels more light within.
  4. We then start to realise that the tension you feel is the evolutionary pull to evolve so you are confronted by the fears that the life you have built that brings you safety and security may fall away. This maybe true is the reality.
  5. We may then start to fight – run – and at same time die to the ego falling into the masculine and feminine face of god. Many will be confronted by their obsession with love and how they have used this as a cover for their deep fears of being alone. Others will see how they live in complete separation processing and accessing only their masculine face of god. Both will be integrated along with the insecure child that sits within us all to become ONE.
  6. As this happens at a collective level we activate the DNA coding within us all and our personal neurology – the re wiring of the brain occurs so it has the capacity to think and expand to see all perspectives. Moving away from either/or rigid thinking patterns and values that keep your life in lack and limitation.
  7. Simultaneously you develop a GAIN mentality belief system aware then how much you have hindered your creative capacity. With the emotional wounds limiting your true abilities to create in trust and deep faith. Identifying your core beliefs ruled by scarcity, lack and limitations.
  8. Then we fall deeply into the realisation “I am one with all of life”. We learn to think and express ourselves in unity truly appreciating all that we see outside of self is what we are within. Here we breathe a sigh of relief no more resentment, no more blame just a realisation of oneness.
  9. Now we hit not knowing – we struggle with this then appreciate this as an important phase in our development of our new life birthing itself through me. A whole new paradigm of creation is conscious now. The process of not knowing being the platform that births the new and a deep awareness of its value.
  10. Then the ash hah moment hits us – what I build from within will be what I experience outside. We laugh and are delighted because now through this process we can see that this has been so worth it. The vibration I emit within is what I have complete choice and free will around and is what becomes my reality. It is also not mine to own or think I make anything happen. The maker runs through me, I am the maker and I am also the vessel for this. Therefore I co create life and I at same time am here for something way bigger than just my selfish needs and wants.
  11. Then it becomes how do I wish to experience my life? What way would I like to express my divinity? Who would I like to do this beside? How can I contribute?
  12. It then is a given I will be abundant. I am here to be this I know this to be true. Therefore how will I embrace all the lack of this world and limitations and simultaneously build a new model of creation for others and myself?
  13. What do I think about money? Where does money come from? How do I live with money? Am I responsible with money? What ways would I like to build wealth? What radical beliefs do I need to embrace? How can I live with more integrity around money and my creation? Am I aligned to my own integrity and goodness?
  14. At the same time we choose our integrity – meaning we live aligned to our truth of who we are. This means the abundance and goals we seek are aligned to our truest nature. Not what the ego wants to ‘look and feel good’ but the genuine and deeply true aspects of who we are. What does he/she want?
  15. What then becomes possible is freedom and liberation as a free thinker who is divinity in action. It is just what it is. Goal setting and action is embraced again we need direction and at the same time I am not attached to what and how this happens. I set forth what I truly wish to experience from my most genuine self and allow and know this will take form. I at the same time take action in alignment with my own integrity and what is true for me. Each day I am doing both at the same time. This may look like I am fully expressed, taking action in my day to day life, enjoying this world and living amongst it, appreciating all makes up the whole and aligned to what and how I wish to experience my contribution. There is deep trust and knowing running simultaneously from within.

New Culture

As we embrace all above at some level if you have become committed to your active participation and co construction of a new life for yourself then indirectly this impacts the culture we live within. That is the choice you are making. You may have endured one hell of a dark night of the soul. You are fully aware of your energetic capabilities, you have given up any resistance to your enlightened journey and now work and live in more of a state of oneness. What may unfold is you will be rattled and the concept of death and re birthing is something we believe happens. The cells that make up your physical body may be activated to die and be re born simultaneously. You may feel like you are actually dying yet it is only at a cellular level. This maybe a foreign concept for some of you and something we think cannot be done and sounds irrational.

It does though mean that when we are stuck – which might manifest as depression, sense of inertia, allergies, auto immune disease, anxiety, a sense of isolation it poses a great opportunity for us to truly surrender to something bigger than our own minds. The ‘dark night’ many spiritual teachers speak of is ego death. What we are proposing is that if we are able to truly embrace this and also know the power of healing resides within us then we can sit in this space and activate cellular change and in effect move through these apparent dark nights with a lot more grace. This opening as we move into this space includes the allowing and transcendence of our shadow and wounds.

Electro Magnetic Realm

Yet the realm we all live within at this time is the Electro Magnetic Realm built upon the wounds and ego of the collective. We are connected via a polarity system. A world built on cause and effect and a world of combustion – a world of maintaining and living through our self-identity. This looks like we are attracted to what we polarize in our self under an illusion of sameness. We work and live in polarity unions. We personalise most of life and our opinions. We are driven to achieve for self and in doing this have no concept beyond self and our relationship to the bigger world. Energetically we co create often the same wounds year after year within family structures personalising most of our experiences keeping wounds alive. It is the realm of karma with reason to ‘work through my issues” and we place importance on this by being self-indulgent. We continue to create the past replicating through our wounds through the Law of Attraction, we create yet create from a perspective of things coming to us, us ‘receiving’.

Gravitational Realm

I believe there is form of connection available to us all – a realm of oneness energetically, this being the Gravitational Realm that is being birthed at a new level by us all on the planet today. A realm of circular energetic connection between us all – built on unity consciousness. Harmony and unity are what we all are here and we work in this with others – in ways that we are yet to discover. Making union and relating easy and deep with a sense of flow. Communicating and evolving within a group is key here, passionate debate may characterise this groups evolution. We move as one and relate in an impersonal manner. There is nothing to get or fix, wholeness and goodness characterise this realm. We truly believe we are in full access with the maker and create from the divine from an internal timelessness forum. Yet we must move through our karma and also simultaneously ignite our energetic capacity to live here in joy within this world.

Not Knowing

When you hit a point of caring beyond self, where you wish to truly contribute to the co construction of oneness within you and in the world then the whole context for living changes. It makes sense your wiring would change, your physical make up and energetic system would be in effect re wired. You would be less engaged in the personal – meaning you would feel less inclined to personalise things and your responses to others would not be so reactive. The creative passion drives you and is all that you live by. You would have transcended your relationship to karma and have an honest relationship with your ego.

Your spiritual evolution is pulling you to greater depth yet in day-to day life when confronted by your ego you more than likely will dip back and forth. The discomfort being what throws us back into the electro magnetic realm and old ways we relate to self and others. We fall back into our ego and need to make everything personal. Our energy system and physical body when this happens goes into break down – it calls us to step beyond this all and back into the connect of oneness within and for all.

The key being the development of our soul – as this develops we get called into our unification with self. The unification of ourselves into our wholeness is all we are doing, that is evolution. What comes beyond this we do not know we are co creating as we go?

When we spend time developing our consciousness, our authenticity and live through goodness as a conscious individual our soul develops. This changes the ways we view goal setting and even how we make things happen. We might possibly simply make a HIGHER choice – which is I CHOOSE TO EVOLVE. Then as we move through our developmental path we integrate action and goal setting with our divinity. We work with people to assist us to do this and we know we are aligned with this collective surge therefore we will identify new ways of creation as we go.

Allowing ourselves to spend some time in the phase of NOT KNOWING is actually the greatest gift we can give ourselves. To settle into NOT knowing and not seeing where your going and how. Wow huh – just maybe that is why much of the ways you are ‘trying’ to make life happen are suddenly defunct. There is magic to life, an uncanny wisdom that runs through us. It directs us in the most amazing ways and is beyond often what we want yet there is always absolute perfection to where we are being called.

If I was GOD I know what I would be doing right now. I would make it so hard for us to get what each person wanted. Why? So we spent a few days, weeks or months appreciating what it is to NOT KNOW. To hang out, laze around, fall into our selves and know what it is to be who I am. That is what I would make happen. From this then we would co create from the depths of our essence and what runs deep within us all – our desires would be driven from unity and that which is true?

Just maybe as we all step forth into 2009 and we embrace that we are one with this collective ride then at the deepest level we actually would not fight what is arising. We would welcome it all because the changes occurring and radical shifts being made are actually perfectly aligned with us all getting what we want. It might NOT be the time to make life happen and create more action in the ways you have known to date. It might be your time to NOT KNOW and see what comes through you, trust it and act on that.

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