Alternative Perspective on Climate Change

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“Scepticism is the highest of duties, and blind faith the one unpardonable sin.”

So wrote Thomas Huxley, one of the great minds of the scientific age.

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Anthropogenic or man-made Global Warming (AGW) alarmism is the biggest deception and mass hysteria in the history of modern civilization, because climate changes naturally.

The Climate Sceptics believe leaders of Australia should base their decisions on facts rather than moods. For those who like to keep as informed as possible on the facts about what the global climate is doing the website collects the latest relevent data for your convenience.

The Climate Sceptics support all practical measures to prevent environmental degradation. We support the development of cleaner and more efficient sources of energy. Unfortunately governmental taxes to stop climate change are a colossal diversion of funds from core obligations, and Emission Trading Schemes (ETS) will do absolutely nothing for the Murray-Darling basin, the Great Barrier Reef, or land degradation – just as it will do absolutely nothing to stop climate change.

We are here to demand rational debate and responsible leadership. We reject the extremist views that now threaten what Australians have sacrificed to achieve in living standards, rights and freedoms.

If you want your own children and grandchildren to enjoy these values as you do, click here to join, and get in touch with your kindred spirits in your local area. There are a lot more of you than some might want you to discover.

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Leon Ashby

Leon Ashby, President of the Australian Climate Sceptics, is playing a pivotal role in the furious debate over the planned introduction of a Carbon Tax by the Gillard Labor government, scheduled to go into effect on 1st July 2012.

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