Is your Workplace Inspiring?

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To find out take this quick test.
Which best reflects your workplace?

6 positive comments made to every negative 1 OR
3 negative comments made to every positive 1

Rate your workplace experience:
(1 = rarely, 5 = mostly)

Job satisfaction
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
Job meaning
1 2 3 4 5

By now you should have a clear answer – Inspiring or not. Given that we spend around a third of our adult lives at work creating an inspiring workplace is essential to everyone’s well-being. Achieving this may be easier than you think and there are now lots of research to indicate this simple approach really works.

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James Holden

James Holden is an inspiring Executive Leadership Master Coach, Speaker and Trainer. With twenty seven years leadership experience under his belt, James shares his passion for adventure, leadership and personal growth with individuals and businesses facilitating their journey through uncharted territory. His Transformational Leadership Coaching (TLC) programs and training sessions are fun-filled, creative and powerful, assisting others to discover new insights about themselves and their capabilities. He coaches CEOs and senior executives, enhancing their lives to drive superior business performance. James embarked on his personal leadership journey with the British Army in 1983, joining the elite paratroopers. Pursuing a passion for social justice he graduated in Law, and was instrumental in leading changes to British and Australian laws to protect the international rights of children. Living his dreams, he applied his leadership experience to become an expedition leader in the Himalayas, Africa and Asia. James went on to work for leading Management Consulting firms in Sydney before forming this business in 2004. As a qualified trainer in neuro-semantics and NLP James can certify students to Master Practitioner level. He holds additional qualifications in business and finance and relationship capital.

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