Voices from the Edge – Peter Burrow – Seeds of Nobility

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Inside every problem is the seed of nobility, says Peter Burrow. During this thought provoking interview on leadership with Michelle Duval, Peter shares insights into levels of influence, attractor fields and much more! 75 mins in duration.




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Peter Burrow

peter_burrow_bigPeter Burow is a director in a number of consulting firms that specialise in public, shareholder and stakeholder attitude management and influence, cultural development and change, leadership and employee engagement. These key services are provided using highly sophisticated analytical tools that track the core-beliefs and ‘inner drivers’ of stakeholder groups. The results are then used to develop and implement effective communication-based programs and activities tailored to achieve each client’s specific requirements or outcomes.

Peter is the creator of The Human Operating System that is now used by 66 accredited professionals who represent a range of people in related fields including therapy, corporate training and coaching, consulting and research. These professionals are accredited through the HOS Academy that offers the program in Sydney and Cairns in North Queensland.

Peter’s client list includes some of Australia’s largest and best-known corporate organisations including AMP, Westpac, BHP, Cable & Wireless Optus, GIO, Goodman Fielder and Perpetual Trustees.

Peter also has a broad range of government clients at both a State and Federal level including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Queensland Rail in Queensland, The Rail Infrastructure Corporation and Sydney Water in NSW and the Forest Products Commission and the West Australian Local Government Authority in WA.

As Director of Executive Media Coaching he has trained more than 4000 Senior Executives from both the Australian private and public sectors over the past 10 years. He has received 13 industry awards for public relations, marketing and research.

Prior to establishing his consultancy, Peter was the CEO of Queensland-based PR & Communications firm, Media Link for 12 years. During this time he worked on ground-breaking government opinion-changing programs as part of the consultancy’s State Government SOA for public relations and research.

Having been a driver of reform in the public relations industry in Queensland as well as an advisor to governments and an active management consultant, Peter has a unique understanding of the corporate world, government environment and everyday workplace.

His vision is to see Australia become more globally competitive and sustainable by ensuring management and employees have shared goals. This will be achieved by more organisations using change to transform rather than disintegrate their leadership and their teams.

Externally organisations, can apply proven psychological tools developed by Peter to educate and ‘shape’ public opinion rather than adopt a scatter gun, ‘one size fits all’ approach to stakeholder management and communication.

Peter has authored a number of books and training programs to improve people’s on-air media performance, explain the principles of employee engagement, create high performance teams, explain personality profiling as a tool for achieving transformation, effective market research, and understanding core beliefs and attitude shaping.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree in Communications, a Diploma of Mayan Health Studies (through the United Nations), is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Master Practitioner with the Public Relations Institute.

To contact Peter, purchase one of his book, learn about his programs and material click herewww.peterburow.com

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