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Dear friends,

Earlier this year I had the privilege of hearing Arianna Huffington speak about the power of mindfulness and meditation. During her talk she said:

“2013 was the year that CEOs came out, not as gay, but as meditators.”

Why are so many CEOs beginning to see the value of mindful leadership?

Arianna points to the story of Mark Bertolini, the CEO of a $40 billion healthcare company called Aetna.

Mark broke his neck in a skiing accident in 2004. After the accident, he did a mix of yoga, meditation, and acupuncture to help with his recovery. It had such a huge impact on his life that he wanted his employees to learn it as well. As a result, he made meditation and yoga workshops available to the 35,000 Aetna employees across the U.S.

To test the credibility of these mindful tools, Mark brought in Duke University to study the impact. The researchers found decreased health-care costs and increased productivity amongst staff.

Mark’s story is a great example of what can happen within an organisation when a leader prioritises mindfulness and well-being.

At the Mindful Leadership Global Forum, we’ll have CEOs from Ninemsn and Virgin Velocity and the Chairman of David Jones and Origin Energy coming to share their stories about the importance of mindfulness, compassion and authenticity.

It’s my hope that this Forum will help more CEOs ‘come out’ in support of skills such as mindfulness, compassion and authenticity. Not as a feel good exercise, but to ensure people and organisations flourish and innovate.

This is truly an amazing time in history.

I hope you can join us.

First published at wakeupproject.com.au.

Jono Fisher

Jono is a speaker, thought leader & entrepreneur with the rare ability to inspire audiences with his honesty, warmth and humour. He is well known for his talks and on-stage interviews at Wake Up events for audiences of 400-1000 people. Jono was the recently the introductory speaker at the Dalai Lama’s Sydney talk for 10,000 people and was a winner of the ANZ Creativity and Innovation award. His work has been recognised by the likes of The Australian Financial Review, GQ Magazine, UTS Business School, Sunday Telegraph, ABC Radio, Yen Magazine, Yoga Journal and the Readers Digest. Jono loves swimming at the beach, dogs, reading and authentic conversations.

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