What are the 10 Commandments of Email Marketing?

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  1. Thou shall not use long subject lines in your email campaigns.
  2. Thou shall not bore one‚s customers with long paragraphs.
  3. Thou shall not expect recipients of one’s email campaigns to read them on a regular basis if there is not something in it for them.
  4. Thou shall not try to achieve a direct sale every time. Sometimes generating a lead from an email campaign can be far more successful than going for the hard sell.
  5. Thou shall not assume one’s email campaigns are working. Track and analyse everything religiously.
  6. Thou shall not send email campaigns without testing them first. Always ensure you have viewed your email campaigns in different email clients (eg Hotmail, gmail, Outlook 03, Outlook 07) before sending them.
  7. Thou shall not send untargeted email campaigns. Use information about your customers captured in your database to target the right message to the right customer.
  8. Thou shall not spam one’s customers. Ensure you are not sending your email campaigns to the same customers too frequently.
  9. Thou shall not expect one’s database to grow miraculously by itself. Getting potential customers to opt-in and receive your email campaigns is a process you must continually work towards.
  10. Thou shall not cut corners when designing one’s email campaign. Good design and layout is the key to customers absorbing your marketing message.

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