The Indigo Children

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The Indigo Children

Dr. Barbara Condron, the author of ‘How To Raise An Indigo Child: 10 Keys for Cultivating a Child’s Natural Brilliance’, is the result of Barbara’s experience observing her own child’s development. Barbara felt it essential to learn to be in the moment with her child, to learn to truly embrace the powerful messages and wisdom that was being offered. Barbara goes into great depth about the healthy, balanced development of Life Skills, which foster the ultimate soul and spiritual development, thereby positively impacting human consciousness.

Dr. Condron has taught universal principles, such as the development of consciousness and lucid dreaming to people of all ages, cultures, faiths and nationalities for over 30 years at the School of Metaphysics, a 501©3 not-for-profit service and educational organization that exists to aid any individual who is willing to put forth the effort to create wholeness within the self thus accelerating the evolution of humanity.

Dr. Condron will be discussing her role at the School of Metaphysics, will touch upon the preliminary results of the Global Lucid Dreaming Experiment, and will be focused on expanding upon the joy and life-skill strategies of parenting, interacting with and experiencing the brilliant “Indigo” children. Please join Barbara and myself as we talk about the modern children and their pivotal role in evolution.
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