Unborn Child Intelligence

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Medical studies show that the development of the brain starts during the course of pregnancy. For this reason, an expectant mother is presented with lots of so-called healthful products claiming to help in making their unborn child smart. However, taking these supplements may do harm to your unborn baby instead of making him or her smart. Therefore, the safest way to support your unborn child’s rapid brain development is use the natural approach. Here are some helpful tips on how to make your unborn child intelligent.

First, talk to your baby more often. This helps your unborn child to be familiarized with your voice and facilitate him or her to recognize some language patterns. You can talk about everything to them just like you are having a face-to-face conversation. Moreover, read books to them out loud. This stimulates their hearing thus preparing them for the real world outside their mother’s womb.

Second, control your stress level. Maternal stress at the course of pregnancy could have a negative effect into your child’s personality as well as developmental stage. Engage in relaxing activities and keep yourself from any tense situations and conflicts. Follow maternal exercise as this effectively decreases your stress and improves your overall maternal health.

Third, have a nutritious diet. Include eggs and bacon in your daily diet. Research shows that chemicals that are present in pork as well as eggs effectively help in developing the brain cells of an unborn baby. Eating fish two or more times per week helps in improving your unborn child’s motor and language skills. Talk to your OB/GYNE about the kinds of fish which are safe to eat during pregnancy.

Fourth, pay attention to your oral health at the course of your pregnancy. Dental problems could lead to premature birth or underweight infants. These babies will likely have difficulties with learning. Smoking also bears similar risk with further health issues.

Fifth, listen to relaxing music without head phones to allow your baby to hear it. Studies show that listening to relaxing, classical music helps in improving the intelligence of fetus and infants. It was believed that listening to Mozart’s music helps in improving spatial-temporal skills. In fact, classical music has a soothing effect onto the mother, which is an effective stress reliever.

Pregnancy is the most challenging and difficult time of a woman’s life. Yet, it is the most rewarding journey a woman will ever have. Following the foregoing tips promotes proper brain development of your unborn child. Thus, do not take chances. Discuss with your physician for any changes in your lifestyle and diet during pregnancy. Once your baby is born, it is the start of your lifelong parenting responsibility.

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