Karmic Relationship or Sacred Partnership?

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Humanity is at the dawn of the new Horizon! Collectively, we have entered into a new relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with the Universe. We are at the time when the four primary soul groups are in the process of reunification in final preparation for the leap in consciousness that is upon us, now.

Many are being called to new interactions with those they love. Recognize that Partnership is the energy of this New Era, not relationship. Traditional relationships are becoming ever more challenging and will continue to disintegrate as part and parcel of the energy that is clinging to older paradigms. Simply put:

Relationship = Me in relation to You

Partnership = Us

Sacred Partnership is the new paradigm for couples. While this may not seem new to you in concept, go beyond your physical mind and enter the realm of knowing yourself beyond your body, of recognizing the love that you are. We all know through years of experience that the Me in relation to You paradigm embodies judgment and inherent mistrust. These energies inhibit true union.

Opening your heart and realizing your own energetic realignment with the universal flow usually means at some point you have undergone serious relationship failure by the standards of the old paradigm. Congratulations. This is how we learn.

Take heart in knowing that untold numbers of couples who have tolerated complacency for years are rapidly separating due to the need for one or both to realign with vibrationally compatible partners. Many more are simply refusing to enter into relationship at all, knowing that interactions with any who are not energetically aligned are futile.

Sacred Union : The Journey Home

“What most people refer to as a Soul Mate, is actually a Karmic Mate. This relationship is characterized by a magnetic attraction and perhaps a sense of resolution. The Sacred Union, on the other hand, is characterized by a sense of completion. It has never happened before so the feelings and perceptions may be unlike anything you have ever experienced.”

In the past, we fell in love with someone because of the inner excitement of having found one for karmic completion. The magnetism of the karmic imperative brought us together. Since the millennium, people are being called to find their true energetic alignments at the soul level. These partnerships bring people of same soul groups together for their mutual expansion and reunion of consciousness.

When we understand the difference between a Karmic mate relationship and a Sacred Union partnership, the impact becomes clear. With the release of obligatory relationships, the opportunity to claim self-responsibility as a conscious co-creator is upon us now. Whether mindfully conscious of this choice or not, at a cellular level, all beings are experiencing this call to completion.

Simply put, the relationship of the self is now seeking partnership with the universe, through a Sacred Union mirror. Breaking free of the chaotic energy stream of density frees you to experience partnership in all-ways! Aligning with the chaotic old paradigms offers a relationship playground where one can experience repetitive patterns and derive the lessons from those patterns repeatedly until a new choice is made.

“In the world of duality, everything is a relationship.

In the world of oneness, everything is love.”

The choice is yours! It is your time to be the best you have ever been, and your Divine partnership awaits. We are beyond the time where entering relationships at the personality level is enough. People are yearning for true energetic alignment, and deep congruence. Soul groups are coming back together and recreating pure streams of energy together. Many people are finding themselves called into new partnerships as a result of this yearning for alignment.

Soul groups exist as part of our own recognition of who we are, why we are here, and how we express. We are at an amazing time in history. The four basic soul types have energized themselves and are finding their counterparts. Claiming the energy of your own Soul group deepens self-understanding, and assists with further discerning relationship and partnership. The four soul groups are:

1. Union: Souls that were birthed as one. They were then literally split in half many millennia ago. They are seeking to reunify with their other soul-half. These souls seek the deep unification with one who carries the same energy signature, literally their other half. They may have had many marriages in their search for Union . Often, they have had a life long remembrance of another “half.” Most union souls will not ever give up on partnership, despite many perceived relationship failures.

2. Omni: Souls that have always remained as one experience of light throughout all density experiences. They are complete without a partner, being in fullness with the Divine always; although they may not be aware of this connection until later in life. Often this group tries to enter into relationships only to find them temporary. Until self-realized, they can be perceived as non-caring, quick to end relationships, or detached from commitment. They are simply whole within themselves. They usually find peace through quiet communion with the Divine, (or themselves until fully realized). Omni souls make ideal nuns or monks.

3. Dual: Souls birthed as one complete soul, yet have another Divine counterpart, (similar to twins). Different from the Union soul, they are whole as individuals yet find greater Divine communion with their counterpart. Often confused with the Union soul, Dual souls are looking for their “cosmic twin”, and when found, may even look physically alike. However, they can find earthly fulfillment without their counterpart, similar to the Omni. Dual souls are in fact complete within themselves. They can also expand their consciousness recognition in Sacred Partnership with their twin, similar to the Union soul.

4. Multi-expressional: Souls that have always embodied many expressions of light and seek to incorporate all expressions. Birthed as one soul, they have the capacity to express in many ways, and often have done this throughout the universe. Multi-expressional souls have a built in desire to integrate all of their experiences with as many as possible. It is their way of bringing all experiences back to the divine. This group often embraces polyamory and may be challenged to stay in a committed relationship for long. They love to exchange energy, and are best suited to be in partnership with each other, or a fully realized Omni.

In modern times many people have yearned for a soul mate and many have felt frustrated. Understanding the qualities of the four soul groups makes it easier to understand why some relationships never quite “fit,” even though the people involved may have had similar values and interests.

Scanning the four groups, you are most likely looking for yourself. You are in there! Recognizing your own soul energy can help you understand your particular experience with relationship and partnership.

There is a deep inner peace that one finds through reunion with their true soul group. Years of event-responses, especially around relationship and partnership, suddenly make sense. Actions, and ways of being that may have had societal stigmas attached, are understood, therefore relaxing self-judgment and creating the spaciousness that is self-love. Many ask: “Does it matter what soul group my partner comes from?”

This is a valuable question, and the answer is yes and no. The response to this largely depends upon the soul group and emotional maturity of the questioner. A basic compatibility chart is inserted below, however, anyone can transcend density energy and be complete with another in spiritual maturity. The chart is a guideline for you to find the “A-HA” moment for yourself, past relationships, and perhaps your perfect partnership. Have fun, it is why we are all here.

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