Erogenous Zones

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How to make love with all three bodies! No, we aren’t talking about a threeway (though that’s not necessarily out of the question…) Here Ken Wilber talks about what it means to have sex with your physical body (Life) your subtle body (Light) and your causal body (Emptiness). So pour yourself a glass of wine, throw on some Barry White, and enjoy.

Ken Wilber

Kenneth Earl Wilber II is an American author who has written about mysticism, philosophy, ecology, and developmental psychology. His work formulates what he calls Integral Theory.

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    April 8, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    Ken Wilber, Integral Institute: The Essential Ken Wilber I like the quote from this Note: No one is 100% wrong . We must try to understand that poelpe and cultures go through different stages of development. In the book these are color coded and called means . Each mean thinks the others are wrong. We need to understand these means to have a more impartial view of others beliefs and cultures. RED is barbaric and violent. ORANGE is financial and manipulative. GREEN is environmental and immersive. BLUE is spiritual and moral. Although each mean has its own beliefs, none is 100% right.

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