Is falling in love enough?

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Did you know you can fall in love with anyone just by asking them 36 questions? Mandy Len Catron tried this experiment, it worked, and she wrote a viral article about it (that your mom probably sent you). But … is that real love? Did it last? And what’s the difference between falling in love and staying in love?

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Mandy Len Catron

Mandy Len Catron is a writer living and working in Vancouver, BC. She blogs at The Love Story Project, a collage of research, memoir and family mythology. As she says: "I’ve been writing a book about love stories for the past five years and, miraculously, I still haven’t tired of talking about it. If you’d like to share your own story or theory or rant, get in touch at @LenMandy."


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    Steve Maconachie

    October 25, 2015 at 10:01 am

    Interesting exercise – but not convinced it’s anything more than that. I believe you are likely to create a “special” relationship with anyone you choose to expose yourself emotionally too – provided that intimacy is honoured. I dont think it needs 36 questions, and I dont think it needs an extended period of eyeballing (who’s fallen in love across a crowded room via a silent and casual but heart-stopping glance? …. it’s ok, you can put your hands down now :)). And love as “terrifying”? …. I don’t get that. Maybe that just says there is a whole lot of other stuff going on.

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      November 6, 2015 at 3:17 pm

      You sound like a passionate man about love and perhaps might like to write your own post on it Steve? We at Actaulise Daily could interested in publishing it.

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