Conscious Evolution

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What is conscious evolution? There are many different descriptions, yet it seems in effect it means we are a part of the evolution of mankind, and we have an affect in creating this world.

“Conscious Evolution is a new worldview that is now emerging rapidly and garnering worldwide interest and support. It acknowledges that humankind has attained unprecedented powers to affect, control and change the evolution of life on Earth.”

In going into 2007, and with this being a New Year, we all have an opportunity today to actively choose to participate in conscious evolution. It seems so many of us watch the news and have great opinions regarding our political systems, education, and health systems, and opinions about the way leaders act and behave in the world. We are all fantastic at having our say. For many of us, we even then participate in community work to create change. We may even work in this arena full time helping others to self actualize so feel we are participating.

All of which is valuable, yet I blog this month to remind you all in how you can become the change! I think what we can all do that would be most effective is make certain that we HOLD within our being a deep intention to BE that change ourselves. To REALLY want to change ourselves, and participate in life from the context of being evolution NOW. We are living here today, there is NO future it lays in each moment. It is birthed in each moment, in who we be and the intention we live from.

Really coming from this premise and BEING this person, seeing yourself as an Evolutionary Vessel, is what it looks like being committed to conscious evolution. You may also combine this with your daily work in the world, yet simultaneously within your internal domain, and at your core are you deeply committed to SEEING yourself as this vessel. This looks like you acting from this place 24/7 in all of life.

Andrew Cohen goes onto say it is up to us, yet so many of us resist change, yet cognitively all want a consciousness shift in the world. He questions are we being this ourselves?

Perpetual Change

There seems to be an unprecedented potential for conscious evolution these days, and yet our collective future has never seemed more precarious. So much hangs in the balance. And after sixteen years of teaching a spiritual path that calls for radical transformation, I can say unequivocally that the simple truth is that everybody wants to get enlightened but nobody wants to change. Actual transformation is something that the ego, or the separate self-sense, inherently resists in the unenlightened state. In fact, the ego lives in profound fear of the kind of insecurity that change creates, and is constantly endeavoring to create the illusion of permanence in a world where everything’s changing all the time, and these days, faster than ever! But the fact is that unless we are able and willing to evolve and at this point, evolve quickly we’re probably not going to be able to prevent a very disastrous phase in human history. So there’s no doubt that enlightenment for the twenty-first century demands that we not only cease to resist the fact of perpetual change but actually embrace it through a dynamic surrendered engagement with the life process. That’s what I call Evolutionary Enlightenment, and it’s incredibly thrilling and consistently inspiring.

Andrew Cohen 2003

To place some perspective here; we may read this and think “yeah I get it, and I am fully committed.” Yet I challenge you – the simplicity of the words makes it seem easy, yet when applied to life and BEING it, the challenge is our Separate Self rules us all. It is our duality – the illusion of life we all live within. It shows up as the parts of us whom see ourselves as different from other, which do not see unity in ourselves, all of life and one another. It is our need to categorise other and seek to use language and action that creates division. It can touch us when we are uncomfortable with intimacy, fighting to be right, unable to accept others perspectives, living in self-betrayal and resisting being responsible.

What strategies do you create in your life and in yourself to keep yourself away from others? How comfortable are you being who you are fully alongside of something so different to you? How accepting are you of what surrounds you? What illusions are you buying into in your life? What do you feel deeply to be true, yet are unable to express? How can you start to live consciously? What do you do to resist change? What do you feel you will have to give up or lose if you take a leap forth to commit to conscious evolution?

The challenge for us in really committing to a new world and creating a better place for us all to live, evolving consciousness is to truly choose this state moment to moment. This may look like us choosing to live without our need for egoic, narcissistic referencing in each moment. To no longer feel the need to talk ourselves up. To bring our humility to all of our exchanges. To create unity in our communication and the way we live and work. To learn to be comfortable with intimacy. To also maintain our own individualization and unique perspective alongside others that differ to ours. To start each day saying “bring it on, I am committed to being a great vessel for this NEW world that I am actively participating in creating.”

Yet at core to be the vessel – to bring change on – to welcome it – is to jump on the merry go round, and to know it does not stop, it goes on forever with no self gain. To feel safe on the ride and to have faith in the absolute!

I call you all forward, who feel compelled right now, to join the ride – it is time more and more of us embraced this deep energetic feeling we all feel and step aboard the conscious evolution merry go round of 2007!


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