The Courage to Raise Good Men and Women

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When Girls Aren’t Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Girls and Bullying and what you can do about it. Jo Romano interviews Martyn Dell with strategies for you and the teenage girls in your life.

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Martyn Dell

Martyn DellMartyn A. Dell is the founder of Joyful Changes Coaching, a coaching practice that specialises in coaching teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 19. Life experiences coupled with coaching skills from the Coaching Institute have created a passion for helping teen girls expand the beauty, strength and confidence already inherent in themselves. She is determined to help teens experience their teen years without the trauma and angst she felt growing up. Coaching is Martyn’s way of making a contribution to the world.
Prior to becoming a coach, Martyn gained 16 years of customer service experience in various fields such as library, retail, call centre, law and non-profit organizations.

Martyn is the co-author, with 9 other coaches, of the book In Her Power which helps women discover their power through chapters on purpose, peace and play.

She is also a contributor to the second volume of Top Coaches Share which is entitled 12 Top Coaches Share Their Personal Power Strategies. In this collection, Martyn shares her power of faith in herself and the Universe.

Martyn co-authored a chapter for the third volume of Top Coaches Share with her life and business coach, Jo Romano. This volume is entitled 12 Top Coaches Share Their Personal Action Strategies and describes Martyn’s journey to discovering her truth under the expert coaching of Jo.

Martyn lives in London, Ontario with her beautiful tortoiseshell kitty, Cocoa. She loves reading young adult books, music, sewing and yoga.

Josephine Romano

Josephine Romano is an acclaimed teacher, coach, and family advocate and deeply believes in the power of parenting and healing families focusing on parent and child strengths, resiliency and innate wisdom. Jo says, “It all begins, happens, and ends with relationships.” Simply put: Teens need to be loved and wanted. Jo successfully coaches parents on how to coach themselves through the tides of parenting and how to coach their teens and young adults to live safe, secure, and happy lives. Jo is a Certified Comprehensive Life Coach, a Nationally Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant, and a Certified Teacher in Health Realization and in Adult Dialogue Education with Global Learning Partners. She has 20 years experience in parenting, family dynamics, child abuse, domestic violence, divorce and the courts. She is co-author of Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse, Myths and Facts; and “Worried about Someone’s Drinking”, “Worried about Someone’s Use of Drugs”. “Divorce and Substance Abuse” “How to help someone you are worried about” Jo’s coaching approach is enthusiastic, fun, direct, compassionate, and filled with knowledge, skills, and transforming attitudes that grow healthy teens and families. Teens and parents have the innate wisdom to find their own solutions, to honor and live their authentic selves and celebrate and contribute to the family and community as treasured resources. She is especially gifted at opening up difficult conversations in a caring and non-judgmental way and sending the message that there is hope and help.

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