A New Paradigm of Leadership Emerges

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There’s a whole new kind of leadership emerging in the world today. I call these new leaders ‘The New Visionaries.’ They’re charismatic and definitely don’t follow anyone’s rules. They’re inventive, super creative and alive with infinite possibilities for how things can be. They don’t dwell on what is, nor do they try to change the old. They create, invent and evolve whatever they come in contact with in a leaderful new way.

These new visionaries are appearing in the midst of a huge evolutionary shift, a new era that is light years ahead of any culture shifts we’ve seen in the last thousands of years. What makes this new era so amazing and so different?

* Human beings are at long last stepping beyond being small beings tossed around by the chaos of life to being vast and wondrous beings of pure possibility. We’re learning to work with potential and to dance in the moment to create breathtaking new possibilities. A new visionary leadership is emerging that is brilliantly creative and inventive in limitless new ways.

* We’re connecting all around the world, building a global community of inventive people who are passionate about Life, who want to see a better world for all and who are ready to live 24/7 to make

that a reality now. The world is shrinking through new technology, arts and communication, resulting in the growth of people power with incredible energy and speed. New visionary leaders are connecting up their ideas, passions and visions with incredible speed, regardless of where they live, how old they are or how much money they have. They make the impossible possible with increasing ease and strength.

* We’re moving beyond duality and polarity, at long last beginning to see that things are not black or white, right or wrong, true or untrue. We’ve gained a new freedom to see things from a variety of perspectives and this new seeing is liberating us from polarity into

paradox and beyond. In paradox lies the rich understanding that all is not quite as it seems. That what is said, may not be what is heard. That what is believed as true today, might not seem so true tomorrow.

That we just might be living in evolving times and nothing will hold to the scrutiny of an enduring philosophy. And isn’t that just the most wonderful thing… the liberation of belief and of polarity and duality. Now there’s a possibility that just might end wars on this planet for all time.

* We’re discovering a new kind of leadership, one that inspires and empowers leaderfulness in others, one that deeply and richly cares about the betterment of all, and one that stands for a bigger, greater view of the world and beyond to steward into play the evolutionary creations that are now ours to unfold. Visionary leadership – living and leading beyond self – a whole new playground of leadership and power. This is our journey throughout this book. The playful discovery of a brand new way to empower, enrich and enhance Life with every breath we take, every word we speak and every action we offer. A brand new humanity. A stunning new world. And isn’t that why we’re here?

To co-create a brilliant new future for us all.

How would you recognise a new visionary leader? What differentiates them from other types of leaders?

* They don’t protest what is. They celebrate what can be.

* They see what’s missing and then identify the potential and work with it.

* They don’t live in anyone else’s ideas of what can be done. They invent brand new, exciting ways of getting things done, breaking the boundaries of known thinking.

* They live outside the rulebooks, choosing instead to create the reality of their dreams, rather than live inside someone else’s version of reality.

* They empower leadership in everyone they work with, calling everyone into the dance of visionary creation. They know that they can’t fulfil these huge visionary possibilities by themselves.

* They use communication, like television, mobiles and the internet, to connect them with the world they want to dance in their visions.

* They know that what they’re doing isn’t about them. It’s about the realisation of something more important than themselves. They live in and as the vision, thriving in the dynamics that visionary living affords.

New visionaries live beyond self. But don’t get this mixed up with selflessness – it’s way past that. Selflessness and being in service are old concepts now. Visionary leadership is about vibrantly

connecting to and working with limitless potential, always creating the next newest NEW. It’s about soaring into a new level of being that allows us to co-create with great passion, vibrancy and vitality. It’s about a new kind of leaderfulness that celebrates the very best that every single person has to offer. It’s a brand new paradigm of evolutionary leadership and power.

Want some well-known examples of new visionary leadership?

* Jamie Oliver and his ‘school dinners’ vision, supporting the well being, growth and learning of our children in an increasingly non-nutritious world.

* Tim Smits and The Eden Project, paving out pathways of possibility for eco-environmental possibilities.

* Bob Geldof and Live8, bringing the global voice together to make poverty history by influencing decision making of the world’s top leaders.

Throughout this book we’ll be journeying into this new paradigm of leadership and power. You’ll have the opportunity to take the steps yourself to becoming a new visionary leader as well as discovering how to empower it in others. But we’ll also be getting to know some of the new visionaries throughout the world, demonstrating the unique ways in which they delightfully express this leaderfulness.

Many of the new visionaries you’re going to get to know throughout this book are not well known… yet! They’re real people of incredible vision, full of passionate energy, creating the world of their dreams, engendering a richer, better world for us all. They’re entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, teachers, designers, artists… in all walks of life and at all ages, they pervade our culture with brand new concepts and ideas that empower and evolve Life for us all

So here we go into a great journey for new leadership and power. First, let’s get a good understanding of the territory we’re journeying into. Let’s take a look at the new paradigm of leadership and power.

A New Paradigm of Leadership and Power

A paradigm is a way of viewing reality, a perspective that generates the energy from which culture gets invented and lived. Throughout the late 20th Century, we operated in an old paradigm of leadership and power, one that seemed to care little for the well being of people and of the planet. Resources (nature and people) were used up in the name of profit and power. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s we began to see an upswell of leadership associated more with social and environmental responsibility. A more caring and open approach was emerging alongside a middle paradigm of leadership that worked in service and with open door policies and a focus on people. In the last few years (2004-2005), a brand new paradigm has risen. We’re seeing a completely new kind of charismatic, inventive, co-creative, visionary leaderfulness moving into play. It may not be fully visible yet in the halls of politics and big corporations, but it is emerging rapidly in individuals throughout all aspects of society and the world today. These are the new visionaries who are co-creating a brand new world.

Let’s look at these three paradigms of leadership and see how leadership, power and vision are changing within these evolving paradigms of reality:

LEADERSHIP Dominating Open & Willing Empowering
Hierarchical Teams Leaderful
Competitive Co-operative Collaborative
Overpowering Serving Inspiring
Autocratic Inclusive Co-creative
POWER Forceful Soft Vibrant
Power over Power with Power of
Individual Others Life / Potential
VISION Linear Progressive Limitless
Past-based Responsible Visionary
Declining Improving Evolving

This new leadership and power is sourcing from a number of things:

  1. An open, vibrant energy system that offers us enhanced abilities to see, sense and know beyond the traditional abilities that the mind alone can afford
  2. A growing sense of inter-connectedness with our global nature, with the planet itself and with Life
  3. A new level of being which operates sourcefully beyond self

Let’s look at these as we explore the journey into new visionary’ism.

Our Energetic Evolution

In the past, human beings in western culture have been closed off from themselves, others and Life. Closed minds, closed hearts, disconnected from spirit and souls tucked neatly and nicely inside away from the ‘big bad world’ that tended not to be very nurturing to spirits and souls.

That has all radically changed over the past decade. The human heart has opened, the spirit has landed and the soul has flipped up from its safe space within to allow for a wholistic integration that takes us beyond the mind into connection with living intelligence… the vast wondrousness of the cosmoses and the force that sources them. We have entered an era of creation and evolution far beyond our wildest dreams. We are remaking this world and our place in the great cosmic

swirl. We are stepping beyond seeking for answers in a chaotic universe to living and breathing as the source of Life all around us. It’s not a religious step. In fact it tends to be more away from

religion or particular set beliefs of how things are in the great out there. It’s a becoming… an evolutionary leap for the whole of humanity into an understanding of our role as conscious creators, as alchemists of Life and as evolutionary strategists for a magnificent new future for us all.

It’s in this free flowing domain that new visionaries begin to play. They aren’t limited by any existing beliefs or faiths. In fact, we become the creators for our own beliefs. We’re making it all up in the moment, discovering what’s new and exciting in the cosmoses as wedance within it, willing at any moment to surrender how we know things to be to discover the latest NEW.

We are already seeing a mass opening up throughout the planet. While many might not say they’ve opened their hearts and integrated their spirits and souls into a wholistic new level of being, they might say things like:

“I’m feeling a lot more free to be really me.”

“I can’t be untrue to myself anymore.”

“I’m discovering a sense of greater purpose and meaning in my life.”

“I want to make a difference on a bigger scale.”

All of these statements are indicators of our energetic evolution. The human blueprint has already been evolved and we are living today in a brand new energetic (personally, globally and cosmically) that allows us to live as so much more of what we, as a race, are capable of being. We are reinventing human beingness and creating ourselves anew in an unlimited capacity to become so much more than we could have ever dreamed ourselves to be.

We’re discovering ‘free thinking’, the move beyond the mind to the living intelligence that pulses all around and within us. We don’t assume that anything is fixed. As we open up to the living mind, we

discover enhanced levels of ability that assist us in a greater understanding of Life and our role in it. These enhanced abilities, the tool kit for all new visionaries, include:

Knowing… a download of understanding and perspective that allows you to look beyond what is to see what’s really going on. Knowing can come from deep within as well as from the great out there. It’s not about ancient wisdoms as we’re developing our ability to create fresh new wisdoms all the time. It’s not about being a ‘know it all’. It’s more about simply being connected to what knowing is always there just waiting for us to tune in to it. It’s not about intution, although that’s a good first step on the journey. Intuition tends to be more about a ‘gut feel’ than a full knowing. With intuition, you might not know why you’re doing or sensing this, but with knowing you understand completely the whole picture.

Innate sensing… the ability to sense energetically what’s going on on all the levels of vibrational reality. This isn’t about empathy, although that’s certainly one level of it. Empathy is simply tuning in to the level of emotion (pain or suffering, joy or happiness, as several examples of that). Innate sensing is about more than that. It’s about tuning in to the vibration of potential, what’s not seen, the higher, deeper, profounder possibilities of what can be in any moment. Yes innate sensing can also tell you a lot about what is, but with a full range of innate sensing, what you sense is completely up to you. You’re in charge of the scanning that gives you the information and the energy that you seek.

Telepathy… Communication occurs on many different levels and generally we only listen with our ears and speak with our mouths. But the true communication is actually happening on many different levels. It’s like connecting with a broadband connection between you and the other person you’re communicating with. You get in touch with the full streaming content of all that’s been sent and received on a variety of vibrational levels. There are the words the person is saying, what he or she really means to say (that often isn’t getting spoken) and what he or she isn’t even in touch with yet to know they’re trying to say.

Telepathy deals with the level of the unspoken. It’s not about reading someone’s mind, far from it. It’s about listening with the whole of you to all that is wanting to be said. As we reach into the energetic connectivity on these levels we discover a world of rich telepathic communication that takes us immediately beyond misunderstanding, beyond misperceptions, into a world of completely hearing, recognising and honouring what a person is really trying to say from their

deepest, most caring place. It takes us to the very source of communication to create breakthroughs in the very nature of communication as we as human beings have known it.

Hyper-speed thinking… Thinking is only limited by our belief in time. In fact, if you drop that belief and know that time is a construct that we are completely in charge of, then you begin to free think with greater speed. Sometimes we think that we can only think to the same speed that we speak. Not so. Everyone I’ve ever met has had at least one experience of thinking at least four or five things in the space of a few seconds. In fact, it’s more regular than we know.

And there’s a lot more going on with our thinking minds than we allow ourselves to consciously connect to. In fact, we’re processing so much stuff so fast that we’ve created a belief that says it would throw us into chaos if we let ourselves be in touch with that speed. Another fabrication keeping us from the power of free flowing, hyper-speed thinking where creations come popping into play by the dozens in any instant.

These are just a few of the tools of the new visionaries. From the expanded, vibrant space in which we live, this is normal life and the fun is beginning to create the next stages in evolution from here.

We’re learning to be masterful with reality creation and we begin at last to know that AS WE PERCEIVE IT, SO IT IS. What we choose to believe completely shapes the reality we live in – and not just on a personal level, but on every conceivable level. New visionaries dance with this, expressing from within the living vision bringing their creations naturally and wondrously into realisation for all. They operate in the bigger energetic, in the fields of consciousness and creation that are so very present and available to us now.

The air itself has come alive with potential and creation. It’s as if we stuck our hands through the fabric of reality and pulled the free energy on ‘the other side’ through into this plane of existence. A brand new Life source pulses through our veins and fills us with vibrant energy and unlimited possibility. We’re learning to play with potential (versus issues) with every breath we take. Is everyone experiencing this? Perhaps not yet. But a growing number are experiencing this new level of energy and anyone who does seems to instantly become a new visionary as the energy of potential, of creation and of a new Life source pulses through them urging them to express the creation of the NEW.

If you’re not already experiencing this evolutionary leap, then play with these simple steps to open up to our evolutionary energetics:

  1. Take several deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax, letting go of the cares and worries of today. Simply set them to one side for the moment.
  2. From the very centre of you, begin to expand the awareness of your energy out as far as you can. Are you as big as the room, city, world? Keep stretching that expansive awareness and if all else fails, simply imagine you’re out in space looking at the Earth from the cosmic skies.
  3. Notice how you feel as you get that big, that expansive. Are you feeling liberated, clearer, lighter and more playful? Keep expanding from that centre point until you can get as big as the cosmoses and see how you feel.
  4. Next see if there’s an inner you that still hiding within. You know, that vulnerable, beautiful, precious you that many people don’t get to see. If you’ve got a you that’s still ‘in the closet’ so to speak, then time to bring it out into the light of day.
  5. Take a deep breath and breathe the energy of that you out into the space in front of you. All of you now. Don’t go leaving some part inside in the dark still. Time to play. Time to discover the true and wondrous you and celebrate it for all the world to see.
  6. Let the energy of this inner you go where it wants to … to swim in beautiful waters, ski down a slope, garden on a beautiful summer’s day. Simply allow your inner you the freedom to do what it wants to do.
  7. How does that feel? Can you breathe easier? Are you feeling much more yourself than before?

Once this inner you is out and the outer you is expanded, you’ll discover the vibrant energetic living that new visionaries live in every day.

Our Evolving Inter-Connectedness

From a closed energy system, we weren’t connected to anything, not even to ourselves (souls tucked away in the dark inner and spirits disconnected in the vast outer). In fact we were completed

disconnected from everything and all. As the human energy system began to evolve, we discovered a growing sense of excitement and exhilaration about the world of energy that emerged from connective living.

Try it out.

  1. Think of anything you’re passionate about, anything at all and see what happens as you let that energy free flow throughout your body and beyond. You will likely begin to tingle all over, especially in your hands. Your high heart (breastplate area) opens up and a fountain of vibrant energy pours on through to fill you up with the energy of passion and potential.
  2. Now take this a step further and connect with creation. Just intend it and see what happens. Allow the energy of creativity to flow all through you. Don’t try to contain this energy within your body.Let it free flow. Creation is just too big to stay within a single body or being. It wants to dance into Life in everything everywhere.
  3. Next, intend to connect with the new Life source energy – not just as it dances around you, but to connect to the very source of new Life source energy. Again, just intend it and see what happens. Most people experience this as a new connection to deep, deep within… the vast eternal inner that is completely available to us now.

How did you do? How does it feel to be interconnected with vibrant energy, with creation and with Life source? Imagine if you could walk around like this every single day. Guess what? You can. New visionaries are doing exactly this. I won’t say it’s a 100% experience because we are in the midst of evolutionary shifts and that means lots of coming and going and to’ing and fro’ing as we create and explore our new levels of being. But generally, this is a new state of being, a way of living 24/7 that we might drop out of occasionally rather than have to find our way into every day.

As we learn to live in this connective state of being, we discover a world of wonder that surrounds us. We FEEL our connection to nature much more richly than before. We SENSE a profound connectivity to people in their greatest levels of potential. We KNOW that we are ultra-connected with the Earth itself as a wondrous being and we begin to live beyond environmental responsibility, but to provide extreme care for Life in all its forms, human, planetary and otherwise. From a connected state of being, this isn’t something you have to train yourself to do. You ARE it automatically because you simply revel in the beauty of all that you connect with. You live in the dance of potential, beginning to see beyond what is into the realms of what can be, bringing that magnificently real. You take the step into LIVING VISION and it carries you like a gigantic wave onto new shores each and every day.

New visionaries don’t just have a single vision that they are endeavouring to make real. New visionaries live all the time as vision unfolding itself into every area of Life. New visionaries just don’t tackle one big thing. They tackle everything and evolve it delightfully and playfully. Yes of course they have bad days. But they deal with those bad days in a completely different way. New

visionaries know that everything that happens to them is the cosmos unfolding the living vision into their hands, so they relate to upsets as the cosmos tapping them on the shoulder to do their next piece of work. They relate to breakdowns as a signal to take a clear look at where they’re heading and reassess direction and possibility. They live creationally in every moment, knowing that they are at the source of wondrous creations. And they know that they’re not doing this alone, but are inter-connected on a new and thriving connective collective level that is powering up new creation in brilliant new way! This new collective level isn’t about us all connecting together all over the world on the level of consciousness. It’s much more than that. It’s about the evolution of being into a beyond self state of being, right here, right now, livingly present… and that is something completely new for human being.

Beyond Self Being, A New Being Emerges

For aeons, we’ve thought of ourselves as tiny beings, grains of sand in a vast and chaotic cosmos. Today, we’re stepping beyond this view into an evolving sense of being – living and leading for something magnificently brand new.

It’s been a wonderful journey.

The 1970’s and 80’s introduced us to a more psychologically oriented way of viewing life. Therapy, counselling, self help, personal development all became popular throughout this time of working diligently on ourselves to clean and clear the way for the leap into the twenty-first century.

From the late 1980’s through to the early 2000’s, many began a journey of a different light. Moving away from the 3D world and its confusion, we were able to open our hearts, dig deep into our souls and integrate our spirits on the pathway to creating wholeness for ourselves.

In the early 1990’s, wholeness was a concept that you might be able to achieve some day if you really worked hard and focused your life upon that goal. But today, if you ask a room full of people how many of them are experiencing wholeness now, you’ll get anywhere from 20% to 100% depending on the level of the audience. Having reached an integrated sense of wholeness, we can finally take the step beyond self.

2005 was about that step. It was about a brand new way to be, an emerging new being’ness that offered us richness, fullness, aliveness and more.

This was an evolution of being which we ourselves co-created and birthed. As conscious creators, we have remade ourselves anew, liberating ourselves from the past and how we have always been to create a marvellous new connectedness with Life, All and everything. In this simple yet profound step, all of Life has come alive and all of being is altered forever!

Sound a bit over the top? Wonder if this could possibly be true? Think this is the jaded perception of someone who’s simply not seeing ‘how things really are’?

Remember, this is a paradigm shift and it won’t serve us to look into the old paradigm of 3D reality to see that this new possibility of being is here and available now. Of course there are wars and

manipulation and all that goes with old paradigm leadership and power. But the old is rapidly declining in energy and substance. Corporations today are a’buzz with the increasing need to establish social and environmental responsibility programmes and to pull the best out of their people. Even the G8 leaders used words like collaboration, stewardship and an agenda for a better world at their 2005 summit. The 3D, old paradigm world is beginning to recognise this shift and is making its way towards a new paradigm of leadership and power.

If you look with fresh, new paradigm eyes, you’ll see that today human beings are stepping, at long last, into a new level of being beyond self, and with this evolutionary leap, we’re rediscovering a vast playground of extraordinary wonder, where we tap the limitless energy of creation and the unbounded presence of sourceful vibrancy.

The step beyond self is more than just a re-orientation from small beings trapped in individual experience. It’s a complete revamp of being, a delicious, delightful co-creation of what’s possible for being alive, working, living and playing for the enrichment of Life.

Beyond self is not about selflessness. Far from it. The more you are willing to let go of the self you’ve always known and been, the more you discover a you you couldn’t have even imagined. In other words, the less you focus on the you you THINK you are (from your genetics, history, lineage and learning), the more opportunity you have to become all that you, and therefore we, can be.

Don’t let these words confuse or concern you. The step beyond self IS pure delight. It’s the liberation of being into something refreshingly brand new. It’s CREATIONAL BEING, living powerfully present in the now, zestfully living for everything that’s new. It’s exhilarating, energising and full of rich, amazing people, passions, potential and power. It’s not the old kind of power that pushes and pulls. It’s a new kind of power that lights up Life everywhere it moves.

We’re going to take the step beyond self throughout this book. And with that, we’re going to discover a life of unprecedented ease, of magical wonder and alchemical delight.

Sound too good to be true? Believe me, it’s completely and totally available for all now, with grace, simplicity and ease. If you’re ready, turn the page and open the door to the life you’ve always wanted – for you, for those you love, for the world and beyond!

© Soleira Green, 2006

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