Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed

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Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed

“This book takes you up-close and personal with seventeen of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the country. Collectively they have developed thousands of websites and generated millions in online sales. Now, in one place, you can discover all of their secrets and learn how to create your own internet empire.”

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Featuring Andrew and Daryl Grant

In 2000, Andrew and Daryl had their first child and decided to reduce their time commitment to their consulting business. They set a goal to replace their income with passive sources by 2005. After trying numerous strategies, the couple achieved their goal when they built an internet business.

“Technology on the internet is fantastic and is a great reason for starting an internet-based business. And while people are buying, receiving customer service and follow ups, we are usually sleeping – we love it!”

In this book you’ll learn…

  • Dozens of different strategies to make serious money online
  • The fastest and easiest way to build a low-cost website that sells
  • Insider tips to reach the top of any search engine and generate serious web traffic
  • How to master pay per click advertising and tap into large overseas markets
  • How to manifest financial wealth faster than you ever thought possible
  • The latest advancements in technology to fully automate email campaigns
  • How to generate free exposure through the magic of viral marketing
  • The future of the internet and how to ride the next big wave

Also Featuring Material By…

  • Sandy Forster
  • Jason Ham
  • Matt Freedman
  • Amanda Clarkson
  • Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay
  • Mitchell Harper and Eddie Machaalani
  • Will Swayne
  • Sascha Griffin
  • Andrew Clacy
  • Mike Rhodes
  • Adam Davis
  • John Bertone
  • And many more…

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