Ten Super Powers for Evolving Human Beings

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Each of us starts our journey in the world with a unique set of genetics, personality and a life’s worth of potential. I have two beautiful daughters and often ponder what they will need to navigate their journey through life.

So in honour of the inner child in us all and the journey which we share, I would like to recommend these ten super powers to you, just as I have to my children. With a little work and self belief, anyone can develop these attributes and create a richer and more balanced life.

1. Optimism: To believe that, in the long term, everything will conclude positively makes a positive outcome more likely. Hopefulness allows us to perceive opportunities and to strive tirelessly. It diminishes our levels of stress, making us more effective people. Without confidence in reaching our destination we would be reluctant to start the journey. The mantra to develop this superpower is “All is well in this gift of a life.”

2. Love: The ability to love openly and project warmth should never be underestimated. It allows people to overcome fear. It promotes harmony and good mental health. By connecting with others through love we are able to overcome the egocentricity that can leave us feeling alone and unimportant. To develop this superpower simply tell yourself, “I am deserving of love and my love is a gift worth sharing.”

3. Generosity: Being able to give graciously is difficult and requires constant practice. It is even more difficult for many people to accept generosity from others. With a simple approach, much of the awkwardness of giving and receiving can be avoided. To accept a gift, kind word or assistance all one must do is smile and say “thank you”. When giving, this is all we need expect in return. The key phrase to develop this superpower is “Giving is devoid of expectation.”

4. Acceptance: There are many aspects of life over which we do not have control; another’s inner emotional state, our age or the weather. Acceptance of these factors in our lives focuses our energies on useful pursuits, lowers stress and assists us to be empathetic. This superpower can be developed through the belief that “Some things can not be changed for they are essential to my journey.”

5. Creativity: There is no greater joy in life than the creation of something new and innovative. Opportunities to create exist in our relationships, creative arts and work or business. Creativity always involves risk taking as we strive to approach life in original ways. The mantra for this superpower is “I trust in my judgement and creativity and will experiment with new solutions to old problems.”

6. Joy: What would be the point in life if it did not involve belly laughs, smiles, silly moments and that gilt of delight? Buoyant and cheerful people attract other positive people into their lives, are resilient and look younger. The key to developing this superpower is the belief that “Fun is a daily priority that enhances all the facets of my life.”

7. Patience: Energetic people are often frustrated by the time it takes to complete tasks. If all other aspects of a project are in place sometimes it is merely a case of waiting for the stars to align. Just breathe, believe in your efforts and allow the world to turn. Three simple words unlock this superpower: “It will happen”.

8. Diligence: Great achievements do not result purely from circumstance and faith. Work should not displace all other aspects of ones life, but without consistent effort little can be achieved. To develop this superpower remind yourself to “Work smarter, not harder: often but not always.”

9. Forgiveness: One of the more curious patterns of human behaviour involves the inability to overcome emotional pain. By holding on to past hurts we recreate the circumstances and likelihood of being hurt in the same way again. Forgiveness, not forgetfulness, allows us to overcome past hurts and create new and more positive patterns in our life. Perpetuating pain is not productive or healthy. The mantra for this superpower is “Forgiving one person makes many lives better.”

10. Perspective: However large our triumph, dramas, challenges or joys, we are only here for a short and precious time. It is easy to become so involved in the routines of life that we lose perspective. The superpower of perspective can be unlocked by repeating “I am here at this moment in time and I choose to live a life of which I can be proud.”

Whatever challenges you face today, I hope that one of these super powers can be used to help create the universe you desire.

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